Rush Trucking

Runners, Inc. got into trucking in 1998 and I came up with “Thor’s Truck” as a brand name since my husband’s name is Thor.  The Viking name Thor, with his hammer and legendary strength, represents both Thor and our business!  Thor’s Truck is owned solely by Runners Inc. and, just like all of our other services, we are totally committed to providing nothing but the best when it comes to trucking.  Now after fourteen years of experience we have learned a great deal more about all the different types of trucking and would say we are well educated at this point.  Not to say we couldn’t learn more, but Rush Trucking, Expedited Loads, Two-Man Teams, inside delivery, white glove delivery, lift-gate service, appointment delivery, blanket wrapped loads, operating an electric stair-climber, sealed loads, and hot shots, are certainly well entrenched into our DNA by now.  We are rush trucking experts but also provide LTL, FTL and Moving Services.

Rush Trucking

Scheduled Trucking


Moving Services

Long and Short Haul

Service Parameters

We transport palletized freight, equipment, crates, boxes, furniture and basically anything that will fit into our 16 ft., 24 ft. and 26 ft. straight trucks or our 48 ft. and 53 ft. tractor trailers.
  • 24/7 365 days a year
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Uniformed drivers
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Automated proof of delivery
  • Liftgated trucks all with etrack and load bars
  • Electric Stair-climbers
  • Hot shot

Moving Services

Shortly after we got into trucking our customers started asking if we could move things for them.  One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were doing both office moves and residential moves every week!

Now it is a full business line we offer.  We are much more flexible than the big movers because our courier experience has given us a foundation for attention to detail that makes moving jobs easy for us to manage.  Our crews are experienced and know all the tricks of the trade.  We blanket and shrink wrap to ensure your furniture arrives safely without a scratch.  We have packing supplies for you at the lowest rates (ask us about our Packing Supply included rate).   Since we have conveniently located warehouses in both Gaithersburg and Baltimore, we can store your belongings for a couple of weeks or years!  Give us a call today to discuss your move.


Very good work, fast, hard workers, good people, very friendly, good teamwork. If we were to move again, I want the same team. Great job guys!!


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