Courier and messenger work has been our core business since 1987. We understand what it takes to get the job done and delivered fast.


Box Trucks
We transport palletized freight, equipment, crates, boxes, furniture and anything that will fit into straight trucks or our tractor trailers.

Warehouse & Logistics

Palletizing & banding
Cross docking
Shrink rapping
It all started with climate controlled file record storage back in 1998. Now we provide a variety of storage services in our warehouses in Maryland.

Storage &


Over 150,00 square feet of space
Temporary & long term storage
Disassemble & assembling services
We specialize in small to medium commercial moves within 100 miles of the Washington, DC area. Our drivers are qualified and fully insured.


box truck
runners warehse

Affordable & Reliable

Courier Service serving the Washington, D.C. Metro Area since 1987

Over 30 years of experience gives us an edge that most companies cannot match.

Our Company

It has been a long, but very rewarding journey to arrive where Runners, Inc. is today.
Starting out primarily as a medical courier service, Runners, Inc. gradually added many new services along the way that continue to evolve to this day. Medical couriers are still our expertise, but we are so much more than that now!

Our Dedication & Flexibility

A few of the unique ways we have helped people.
We once made grocery runs for a gentleman while he cared for his ill wife. Another time we delivered a special love letter for a lady in Germany to her long lost boyfriend of many years, who lived in Southern Maryland. We also helped coordinate a gentleman's request to have his father's ashes delivered (then interned) at Arlington Cemetery. The soldier was a war hero.

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