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Service industries are defined by their customer’s respect and satisfaction.  Runners Inc. takes great pride in going above and beyond the needs and requirements of every single request.  The “out of the box” philosophy when solving problems, trickles down from the founder/president to every single worker.  We take great pride in going the extra mile and doing the best we can, no matter how large or small the task may be.




Your man Alex was great!  No only courteous, but a hard worker.  I had a guy I used sometimes present to participate in the loading.  We were surprised with Alex’s work ethic.  About two thirds through the loading we discussed when he should come back as we were probably exceeding the weight limit.  Alex called someone, and after the call, he said “let’s finish now.”  We put the remainder in the truck.  No second trip required!  Thor, my impression is, if Alex reflects the work ethic and commitment of your team, I made a very good decision in selecting Runners Inc.  And 99% tracking is impressive!

Best regards,

Bill Sanders/Terry Wholesale Warehouse

We understand what it takes to get the job done and delivered fast. Our formula for success that we live by every single day is:
Customer Service + Courteous Professional Drivers +  Fast Deliveries
= Happy Customers