Courier Services

Over 30 years of experience gives us an edge that most companies cannot match.

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Runners, Inc. started in 1987 doing courier and messenger work, our core business.

We understand what it takes to get the job done and delivered fast. Our formula for success that we live by every single day is:

Customer Service
+ Courteous Professional Drivers
+  Fast Deliveries = Happy Customers

Medical Courier

From day one we were making medical deliveries. That is how we got into the courier business back in 1987! Understanding the sensitive nature of handling lab specimens is our business.

Our medical couriers are highly qualified through up-to-date OSHA, HIPAA, specialized hazmat and blood-borne pathogen training. They also carry biohazard spill kits and proper coolers for ambient, refrigerated and frozen specimens.

Custom Courier

Having served the many needs from all our customers over the last 25 years we have come to realize that pretty much anything goes. We will do it all, much more than your average run of the mill delivery company.

We come up with innovative ways to solve exactly what you need accomplished.  We take it to the next level by always staying on top of laws and regulations, making sure your business gets done correctly and efficiently.

Scheduled Courier

Scheduled courier service can be advance orders or a set schedule that runs daily, weekly or periodically. You simply tell us when and where you need us and we will be there.

Our Xcelerator software keeps all of our scheduled runs and routes organized so that we never miss an order. When deliveries need to be made on a specific schedule, this is the service for you.

On-Demand Courier

Same Day Service, when it has to get delivered in a quick and professional manner.

Our skilled team will immediately take care of your requests to ensure your packages arrive on time with a smile.  Stress goes “bye-bye” when you call Runners!