Proposal to Provide Courier Services

Proposal to Provide Courier Services

  • *If contractor is self-employed or a sole proprietor, the individual owner may sign. If contractor is a corporation, a corporate officer must sign this proposal. If contractor is an LLC, a managing member must sign this proposal. If contractor is another entity, specify the title of the person who signs this proposal.
  • Schedule of service

  • What days and hours of the day/night is the contractor able to provide courier services?
  • Insurance

  • Vehicle(s) to be used by contractor in providing services

    For additional vehicles, use "Comments" field below
  • Names of each driver that contractor plans to use in providing services

    In addition to completing this section, you will have to complete and submit a separate online form for each named driver. If the person filling out this proposal will also be a driver who performs the contracted services, then put the name of this person as Driver below.
  • Professional references for contractor (other service recipients, employers, etc)

  • Personal references for contractor

  • Additional comments

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