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We are a committed team ready to help! We will try to figure out a way to meet your Courier needs even if it’s something we have never done before.

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Over 30 years of hard work and determination serving the Washington, DC area.

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Thor Smith

Thor has combined his hands-on trucking and courier experience to support Runners, Inc. His dedication and loyalty rides with each delivery so customers can just, “Consider it Done!” Those aware of Thor’s commitment and work ethics have coined him as “the Eveready Bunny on steroids”. Thor has been playing drums since grade school and his love of music has landed him in several bands. Thor also enjoys skiing & playing w/ his dogs whenever he can.


Diane Smith

Diane’s business savvy, creativity and determination provides Runners with a well tested roadmap for continued success and customer satisfaction. An accomplished multi-tasker and marathon finisher, Diane enjoys music, decorating, yoga, bird watching, and skiing. Her interest in antiques and good food led her to start another business venture, BuddyLou’s (Eats, Drinks, Antiques) one of western Maryland’s most celebrated attractions.

General Manager

Kevin Joyce

Kevin Joyce, our award winning GM, has his hands in every single aspect of the company. With almost 50yrs in the business his experience reads like a manual (or a road map) of the industry, Kevin began in the 70’s as a bicycle courier, owned his own courier company & has been featured in trade magazines. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys gourmet cooking – his chocolate mousse “is to die for”.

Frederick Warehouse manager

Scott Stohlman

Scott’s life could resemble a typical American success story. As a teenager, he loaded trailers for a regional trucking company. Scott also, excelled in local youth sports such as basketball, football & soccer. Eventually, he moved on to a large logistical company that warehoused & distributed product to large convenience store chains. Scott’s dedication paid off & after several years, worked his way up to the manager of their huge warehouse. Scott’s love for live sports continued into his adulthood & now coaches youth teams in his spare time

Office Manager

Laura Rackey

Laura Rackey joined Runners in 2016. Before that, she was the chief registrar for the American Beauty Accademy resposible for locating and placing individuals into the cosmetic & & beauty fields. To say that “Laura is our office manager extraordinaire, single-handedly managing the office, personnel and all aspects of operations and management” is a gross understatement. She is our personal Wonder Woman. When not saving our civilization, Laura loves watching her 10 yr old daughter play soccer

Lead Dispatcher

Tyran Fitch

As the lead dispatcher, Ty brings over 26 years of experience in courier, moving and trucking services. Ty is just as much at home on the dispatch board as he is driving a fork lift moving pallets around in the warehouse. His ability to look into the center of a problem, quickly realizing the solution, enhances his multitasking qualities- a real necessity in being the total fleet coordinator. He regularly plays football, softball, basketball, and has been a basketball official for over 29 years.

Logistics Coordinator

Vincente Arcella

Vincente was born and raised in Venezuela. In 2005, he received a BA in public accounting. He worked with the Internal Audit Dept supervising a large courier operation. Becoming a manager with the KPMG, a global network of professional firms, he soon received his SOX & ICOFR certifications. After moving to the US in 2012, Vinny was with Bimbo Bakeries USA, the largest bakery in the country and Farmers of America Dairy Maid Dairy, the oldest dairy in Frederick. Vinny is also one of the original founders of Venezuelan Cocoa. Vinny’s bilingual talent makes him invaluable here as the logistical & local transportation coordinator. When he’s not translating or cooking, he can be found playing softball in the Frederick County league

Dispatcher/Account rep

Michael Glasser

As a former member of the Washington Capital & Wizard’s marketing team, Michael has been in the courier/logistics industry since the “turn of the century”. His expertise include (but certainly are not limited to) sales, marketing, working w/ local and federal governments, keeping up w/ existing account’s needs and wishes. He manages all this along with hours as a dedicated dispatcher. Michael’s good looks & contagious personality have always enhanced his ability to bring out the the best in everyone

Consultant at large

Dave Goldman

With more than 40yrs in the business, Dave does it all. From keeping the computers, phones & security systems functioning to dispatching, dealing w/ service issues & over seeing the fleet. Born in Washington DC, Dave presently lives on the Shenandoah River at the foot of the Blue Ridge. He claims someone once wrote a song ’bout dat’. As a retired professional musician, he’s still “pickin n grinnin” & teaching in his spare time.

Baltimore Warehouse Manager

Mike Hester

Mike is our amazing Baltimore manager. He’s been with us for many years helping our business grow. He puts in long hours behind the scenes ensuring that our customers business and personal assets are secure.



Roy Fritts

Roy Fritts is a native of the Washington, D.C. area and has over 30 years of solid courier industry experience. His hands-on background includes driving as a courier, dispatching and providing exceptional customer service you can depend on. In his spare time, Roy raises thoroughbred horses on his farm in West Virginia.